Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where I'm At...and Where I Was

White Sands

Hello! It's been a quiet here for the last few days because I've been out of town. We took a trip to visit my aunt and uncle and had such a lovely time. (Thank you L&L!) We hung out, watched movies, went to the local farmer's market, picked up some books at a huge used bookstore, went shopping and took a trip to White Sands.  We met up with my mom-in-law at White Sands, which was extra fun. It was such a blast swooshing down the hills on a pod. If you ever get a chance to visit White Sands, I highly recommend it. Not only is it beautiful, it's a lot of fun.

My 3Cs almost didn't know what to do with themselves this weekend because they were having so much fun. My littlest C was particularly on top of his game with his too-too-funny comments. When my uncle asked him where he gets this stuff, he replied, "From my armpits." This morning during school, he was trying to figure out 9+8. He stuck his head in his shirt and said, "it's 16." I told him he was close but didn't quite get it. His response? "But my armpits told me it was 16." Well, there you go. You can't always trust your armpits.

So today, I'm trying to play catch up after all of our fun. I'm also having a return-to-reality, overwhelming, how-about-a-lesson-in-humility kind of day. As I've ventured out with my Shop and selling my jewelry, it's been a huge step of faith. And I've been feeling the learning curve lately. But I know it's good for me to persevere and not give in to my feelings of insecurity. But for someone who wants everything to turn out right the first time, it's hard some days to look at where I've gone wrong and realize how much I still need to learn. But I definitely couldn't do it without all of you who have encouraged me, bought my jewelry, and read my blog. Words cannot express my thanks for your kindness.

That's where I'm at right now but I will be back soon with something very fun.

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