Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Orange and White

Orange and white of my favorite combos right now. I just added these guys to my Shop...

I decided to add a fun detail to the back of these earrings thus the heart design. It's like a tatoo for your earrings. Next assignment: make a pair for myself. ASAP.

Blossom Necklace in Ice Blue

Introducing my latest Blossom Necklace. This one is in a favorite color of mine, Ice Blue. The necklace is 36" so a stylishly long necklace. I hope you enjoy it!

More blossom necklaces and other little pretties here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Sweet Birthday

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Walnut Pecan Crust

Today was a big day in our home because it was my husband's birthday. My husband is gentle and kind and thoughtful and godly and fun. I just love him. He's had some really tough days at work lately so I wanted to really make his day extra special. He requested cheesecake for his birthday so I happily honored that request. To my immense relief, the cheesecake turned out well. See the recipe below. My 3Cs were so excited that it was daddy's birthday. They each made him an original something special out of Legos. Our littlest C made a little restaurant with two people eating enchiladas. Cute, no? (Can you tell we live in the Southwest where chile is practically ground up and put in a baby's bottle?) Our middle C made a boat and a boyishly fun. And our oldest C made his daddy a Lego ipad. So cool. He worked on it for hours and was so excited to give it to his daddy. All of their creations were a big hit. I framed a few of my husband's recent photos (he has a great eye for photography) and got him a few other little things. My mom-in-law joined us for dinner and we had a nice time together. It's my prayer that our love would wash away some of the stress and exhaustion he feels from his 12 hour work days. We love you!

Lego ipad

For the (gluten free) cheesecake recipe...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pretty Pairing

I love tote bags. They're fun and functional. My real trouble with them is that they're so easy to throw things into that I don't always get around to clearing them out. It gets a bit grub down at the bottom. But then it's time to just shop for a new one, right? (kidding) But whether I really need a new one or not, I'd still like to grab this tote and pair it with these earrings

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brick Floors

The details in this gorgeous German home have my heart all aflutter...

In addition to loving the soothing white interior, the brick floors reminded me of my hometown village of Corrales. Many of the adobe homes have red brick floors as does the library. The bricks give such a timeless feel to a space. Love it! And who isn't tempted to play with that gigantic chess set? Weapons in the hands of my 3Cs, no doubt, but tempting nonetheless.

*Via one of my all time favorites, Bliss.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Post-Vacation Smoothies

Hello! We've been out on a little vacation and family get-together. We attended a surprise birthday party for my aunt over the weekend. The get-together wasn't a surprise but the fact that it was for my aunt and a month ahead of her birthday was a surprise and a lovely one at that. My mom has three sisters and the sisters planned a great party with yummy food, summery decorations and a slideshow of the guest of honor . Another big hit was the jib jab card that my cousin put together. Hilarious. My 3Cs love their cousins, big and small, and had their fill of wrestling around with the grown cousins and swimming in the hotel pool with their little cousins. Father's Day was celebrated in there and then it was time to head home. So, what is one to serve hungry husband and kids for breakfast after being gone all weekend? Why chocolate peanut butter banana smoothies of course! Yes, I winged it but they were tasty. Here's what I did...

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies
1 very ripe banana
3/4 cup of chocolate chips, melted
Couple of tablespoons of natural peanut butter stirred into melted chocolate
Vanilla almond milk
Crushed Ice
Melt chocolate chips in microwave and stir in peanut butter. Add ice, almond milk, banana, and chocolate peanut butter to the blender and blend away. Serves 4.

Not bad in a pinch. And now off to the grocery store.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Get your Glossy On

Introducing a new style to my Shop...

These pieces have a fun glossy and dimensional look to them. They're really fun to create and I can't wait to make more. The charcoal and white are no longer available but I'm sure they'll be back in the Shop soon along with other colors. Do you like?

Making Memories

Hello! Hope your weekend was lovely. Our dear, dear friends have been in town over the weekend and we've had a great time with them. We did a day trip to Bandelier National Monument, which was really cool. We also picnicked in Los Alamos and visited the Bradbury Science Museum that showcases the history and current research of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The highlights of our time with our friends were, of course, the time we got to talk and catch up and the fact that our kids played together like they had last seen each other yesterday instead of a year ago. It's so sweet. We so wished we could spend more time together. But I'm grateful for the time we do have. We have a dream of one day living on the same street together. Doing ministry together. Playing tennis together on into our 80s. Here's to making memories with good friends and hopes that your summer will bring loved ones your way.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Geometric Charcoal & White Dangle Earrings

One of my favorite color combinations is charcoal gray and white. Here's one pair I've recently added to my Shop...

Geometric Charcoal & White Dangle Earrings

The geometric design is inlaid and topped with a matte finish. They were fun to make and I'm itching to get back to the "studio", (aka any available nook or corner I can hijack for my crafting.) I'm close to adding some other new styles soon. So excited about it! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Trio of Two-Wheeler Art

My 3Cs love to ride their bikes. I enjoy riding too and my husband is a true cyclist. But since it's warming up right now, I'd rather sit and look at cool bicycle prints rather than sweat it out in the middle of the day on a bike. Terrible, I know. Anyhoo, I'm loving this little trio of bicycle prints. 

Beauty is in the Street by Bianca Gomez (love!)
Banana Seater from oohmoon (a favorite!)