Monday, January 30, 2012

Lovely Surprises

Hello friends! Did you have a good weekend? We went to a very fun 30th anniversary party for my aunt and uncle this weekend that included a number of awesome surprises. They knew we were having a family dinner but they didn't know what else was awaiting them. As they entered my parents' house, around the corner in the dining room were several of their friends who came into town to help them celebrate. As they took in who was there and greeted everyone, the doorbell rang and in walked my cousin who had flown in from Seattle as a surprise for his parents. The tears of joyful surprise started flowing. Then, the party moved over to the computer because my other cousin had arranged to skype into the party from Israel, where he currently lives. We all gathered around the computer to say "hi." He went to go get his anniversary present for his parents to show them and it seemed like a good time for a group photo since we were all crowded around the computer. While we're taking the photo, my cousin, who had actually been skyping from upstairs, came and joined in for the group photo unbeknownst to his parents. After the photo, he tapped their shoulders and they turned around for the biggest surprise of the night. There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. It was one of the sweetest scenes I've ever seen. So, here's to a week full of all of the best kinds of surprises and sweet time with loved ones. Cheers!

p.s. Aren't these roses beautiful? My mom decorated her dining table with an arrangement of white roses and then had these pink roses on the smaller tables.

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