Monday, January 9, 2012

New Blossom Rings: Classic v. Edgy

I have a couple of fun additions to my Shop that I'm very excited about!

First up, another ring in Sterling Silver. This is a classic beauty and perfect for anyone who has issues with metal allergies. Introducing the Charcoal Blossom Ring...

Charcoal Blossom Ring

Second up is a ring that totally surprised me. Introducing the Green As Glass Blossom Ring...

Green As Glass Blossom Ring

This clay is a bright green and I've been waiting a while to work with it. The first time I purchased it, it was a bad lot and the clay crumbled. When I finally got a good lot, I began fashioning away and I imagined that my work would reflect a bright kelly-green color. But as it turns out, this green is a dark, smoky green that looks black when out of the light. But when the light shines through it, this green is translucent and looks like frosted glass. I was totally shocked. After doing a few pieces, this color has totally grown on me. It's kinda edgy. And especially this ring with a black band. I'm including a few more pictures to see if I can capture it's color-shifting qualities.

It's like wearing a sun-lit succulent on your hand. Fun, no?

Click on the captions to see more details on these rings or visit my Shop here.

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