Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a Beautiful Morning

Hello Friends! I didn't get to stop in much last week between spring break and Easter but it's good to be here now. So let me wish you a belated Happy Easter! Although we celebrate the reality of a risen Savior everyday, it is an especially sweet time at Easter to reflect on the Savior's love that sent him to the cross to take upon Himself our sin that we might become spiritually alive in Christ. If you're interested in knowing more about what all this means, I'd love to talk further with you. Just shoot me an email.

Well, when I was here last, my nieces were coming into town and we were preparing for a Resurrection Picnic with our homeschool co-op. My 3Cs had an amazing time last week playing with their cousins and with friends. I was invited to do the devotional for the kids at the picnic,which I really enjoyed because it was a good exercise for me to think about how to communicate Jesus' love and journey to the cross to kids of all ages. Somewhere in the mix, we celebrated my birthday and my husband and I got in a date night. We tried out the new Chipotle's in town (quality, tasty ingredients and easy to make gluten free) and then went shopping and got coffee (thanks M!!!!). In the coming days, I'm looking forward to reading this book and this book that I got for my birthday. And in between reading, I'm hoping to have some time to get busy with some new pieces for my Shop. But before I can get to all of that, let me wish you a beautiful morning. I'm off to wrangle some boys and teach some school. I'll be back soon!

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