Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Loveliness

My mother-in-law, during her recent move to our town (yay!), came across some items that belonged to her mother. Before she gave them to me, she prefaced it by saying these items reminded her of what I create for my Shop. And she was right. It was amazing to see these roses that are so similar to my little blooms.

 But instead of making jewelry, my husband's grandmother would create pieces of artwork like these...

My mom-in-law remembered that, back in the day, her mother would use a dough made mostly from bread, which she tinted to various colors. (Isn't the rich plum color above beautiful?) And sure enough, she came across the recipe for the Bread Dough...

I love this connection to my husband's family as well as to the past. I love seeing his grandmother's creativity captured in time through the beauty of handmade treasures. It encourages me to press on in this journey of artistic expression. Here's to exploring your creativity and to bringing forward vintage loveliness!


  1. Cara, thank you for your sweet words about my amazing mother. She was a very talented woman who shared with everyone around her.

    I am so proud you are part of my family and can continue the "blooms" part of our heritage.

    Love you

  2. Thanks Mama K! I'm proud to be part of the family. Thanks for being an amazing mama as well!