Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cooking Conundrum

I've lamented a time or two here about the difficulty of figuring out how to feed my 3Cs with nutritious, whole foods that mostly don't contain gluten and dairy without breaking the bank. And without me cooking all of the time. So I re-doubled my efforts this week to write out my meal plan and corresponding grocery list. I used this free, downloadable meal planner with a few customizations to fit our family. We're about half-way through our week and it's going...well, not bad. The upside? We have a plan. We're trying out new recipes. About 90% of our food does NOT come out of a box or bag. Breakfasts have been going well, especially with this muffin recipe on hand. The downside? My plan is seriously lacking in snack foods and it's starting to bother even me. I still feel like I'm cooking all. the. time. Not all of the recipes are all that yummy, to be honest. So, the challenge continues. We've been eating like this, more or less, for the past five months. The planning ahead, of course, helps but I still don't have this thing figured out. I feel like my preference pendulum is going to have to swing back a notch or two to a different level of moderation. And I sure hope that means more chocolate. And some kettle cooked chips. Anyone else with me on that?

p.s. I do think the addition of this bowl would make cooking a lot more fun.

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