Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Trio of Chairs

One by one, our chairs are going down like soldiers on a battlefield. The battle? Boys versus furniture. The latest casualty? My littlest C's chair. In addition to gracing his fabric seat with a signature drawing in red marker, he also artfully decorated the wooden back with every Cars sticker he owned. Super. Two, no my mistake, make that three of our other, supposedly sturdier, wooden chairs have also cracked in half. A couple of those babies went down when the 3Cs knocked them over. But to be honest, my precious 3Cs are not entirely to blame. These chairs have a serious design flaw that makes their hefty selves crack up like toothpicks under pressure. So, the bad news is we have a rapidly declining set of suitable seating. The good news? Eventually we'll have to buy new chairs. Which leads me to a Trio of Chairs that I'm currently digging.

This Batto chair from 16th Workshop is made entirely of wood... no screws or nails, just joined elements. The quality design and craftsmanship of this chair earns it a spot on my dream wish list.

I really like this indoor/outdoor Steel wire chair from Terrain. My 3Cs would no doubt spend countless hours with their Lego guys hanging from each and every inch of the mesh. But that kind of sounds like fun so I may just join them.

I'm also partial to this galvanized chair with its delicate beading around the seat. Industrial but pretty. And if it loses a battle with the 3Cs, I think it would hang in there for the war and would serve us well over the years.

How about you? Do you have a favorite perch? 

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