Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crazy About Craft Paper

I love craft paper. I use craft paper cardstock for making greeting cards and business cards. We've used craft paper on the roll a number of times for our boys' birthday parties. One year, we covered the table in craft paper and had the boys and their guests draw a scene from Star Wars. Another year, we drew a life-sized football player on craft paper, hung it up; and had everyone "pin" a football onto him while blindfolded for a fun twist on a classic game. Another year, we drew a treasure map on the craft paper for an Indiana Jones themed party and used it as a tablecloth and later artwork for their room. I also keep craft paper bags on hand for those times when I need a quick gift bag. I simply make a little decorative tag and attach it to the bag with pretty ribbon and I'm good to go. And how fun would it be to receive a package in the mail that was wrapped in craft paper and tied with string? Whether plain or patterned, craft paper is so versatile and has a timeless quality to it. Here are some lovely images of craft paper as well as links to a couple of fun tutorials. Enjoy!

Brown Dress with White Dots
Oh Hello Friend
Be sure to check out this tutorial on creating your own polka dot paper.
Craft Paper Tags

Inky Co.
Check out the tutorial for this paper wreath from Hello! Lucky.

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