Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Heart the Little Moments

I added a little glam to this glass vanilla bottle and I plan to fill it with little sprigs from the garden.

Life has smoothed out a bit and we're sailing into summer. Unhurried mornings. Lots of time outside. Bike rides. Time to breathe. As my margin of free time has increased in these last couple of days, I find myself noting and taking pleasure, and sometimes finding humor, in the little things. I've loved seeing my oldest son's heart for God and for other people shining forth lately. I've also gotten a kick out of him discovering that if we comb and spray his hair in the morning, his hair will look good all day long. I think it's a small admission that Mom may know a thing or two. I've also loved seeing my boys re-discover the freedom of wearing flip flops because I think their little bare feet are so cute. At the same time, those little toes can pack a wallop that stinks up an entire room. My middle C grudgingly went to wash his feet before bed last night and came back flip flopping with a sheepish grin on his face because he had to acknowledge the absolute necessity of washing his feet. Funny. And again, perhaps a small nod towards Mom and Dad knowing what they're talking about. I've loved seeing our two oldest boys learning to play the piano with their Ma K (my mom-in-law.) They each played a duet with her yesterday and that was really cool. Before my oldest son played, my mom-in-law warned me that her part was written in a chord that didn't sound good so the duet wasn't going to sound great. They played and I heard what she meant; it was a bit discordant. But as soon as they finished, my youngest C said, "That was awkward." Funny boy. He's got a quick wit and he keeps us entertained. He'll sometimes call me "mi rosa", "my rose" in English. He started doing it again yesterday, and I love it. A sweet sentiment but it's really all in his delivery. He bends his body over in half and then comes up and flings his arms up the air as he says, "mi rosa!" Adorable, funny and utterly unique. Yes, these are the little moments that fill my heart and my life.

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