Monday, December 26, 2011

Rest and a Poinsettia Set

Hello! Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I hope so! We certainly did. We were blessed with awesome times of worship at church on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We enjoyed a very fun and chaotic time with our 3Cs (our house is now an utter mess of new toys, books, clothes, etc.) and we spent lovely time with our families. Today's agenda: rest. So here's just a quick post to say hello and send you wishes for a restful holiday week.

p.s. My Pop commissioned me to make something for him to give my Mom for Christmas. Wasn't that sweet of him? So since he traditionally gives my Mom poinsettias every year, including this one, I decided to make the above poinsettia necklace and earrings for her. I think they were both pleased.

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