Monday, November 7, 2011

Ooh La La

Photo via Pinterest

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go on an amazing home tour. It was the Ooh La La  Christmas Home Tour, which is a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project. It's a fantastic cause (so grateful for our soldiers who sacrifice so much to keep us safe!) and the home tour was just unbelievable. There were eight homes on the tour, all custom but of varying styles and sizes, and each one was decorated for Christmas. It was so much fun to see different decorating ideas as well as step into gorgeous homes.
One of the decorating ideas that I hope to incorporate in my home is hanging a large branch from the ceiling with ornaments hung from it (similar to the photo above.) We saw that in a home that has an Asian theme and it was really simple but striking. Another unique idea in that same home was several groupings of red and white and flowered paper lanterns hung from the ceiling by wires. It was festive and fit the overall look of the home.
I also took away an appreciation for how the decorators used the existing color scheme in each house as a base for their seasonal decorating. One home had orange and gold running through it, which was reflected in the Christmas decorating with a sprig of greenery, an orange glass ornament and a gold butterfly grouped together and hung throughout the home. Who would have thought of using orange and gold for Christmas? And yet, it was very elegant and suited the home perfectly.
So while Christmas isn't next week, I'm inspired to begin thinking about how to add some holiday charm to our home. What's inspiring you for holiday decorating?

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