Monday, October 17, 2011

Spiced Carrot Cake for Pop

Yesterday was my Pop's birthday. We enjoyed a nice family lunch together. I was asked to bring dessert so I made this gluten free Spiced Carrot Cake. For the recipe, visit the lovely and inspiring Roost. In addition to delicious recipes, you'll get a sweet story about God's goodness.

For my part, I didn't quite get the frosting right...pretty sure it was because I substituted some maple syrup for the honey. So, I improvised with some organic cream cheese, turbinado sugar and vanilla. Thankfully, it worked out and the cake was yummy. Pop even snuck two pieces, which made me smile and thankful that this cake is full of good, wholesome ingredients.

When it came time for the grandkids to gather around Papa for singing and pictures, my littlest C stuck his two fingers up in the air and solemnly said, "Peace, Papa, peace."

The day was topped off by Pop pulling out his new metal detector. He had buried some treasures in the ground for the grandchildren to locate. Each grandchild took a turn swishing the metal detector over the ground until it went off. After some digging and with treasures in hand, it was time to call it a night. Happy Birthday Pop!

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