Friday, October 14, 2011

Dreaming of Spain

Ahhh...Spain. Have I mentioned that I love Spain? Half of my family tree finds its roots in Spain. And it was also my home for a year. And it's where I got engaged. And it's where our oldest son learned to roll over as a baby when we were staying there one summer. Good memories.
As I was looking at these lovely pictures from Spain-based photographer Isabel Lopez Quesada, it got me thinking about the flat in Sevilla that I called home. It had new, almost squeaky new, furniture that was quite uncomfortable. But my flatmates and I had the requisite round table dressed in a heavy tablecloth. During the winter, a little floor heater was placed underneath the table and everyone would sit around the table with their legs under the tablecloth so you could soak up the warmth. It created a cozy little space for having long conversations. The only down-side was that it was hard to get yourself up and moving again. But on to this gorgeous home in Asturias...

I love the colors, materials and textures of this home. In other rooms, you'll see pops of more vibrant colors but these soothing neutrals are striking me right today. And aren't those metal animal sculptures in the kitchen a nice whimsical touch? (And you know I like whimsy.) Life is full of work, busyness, stress and trials. Visiting these lovely rooms, even for a moment, is a welcome reprieve. Have a restful weekend!
Thank you,  Desire to Inspire, for introducing me to Isabel Lopez Quesada.

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