Friday, October 28, 2011


We've looked forward to this week for a long time...vacation at a cabin in the mountains.  But, our vacation has turned into a staycation because our 3Cs came down with strep. So, we've been resting and healing at home. It's been a bummer to say the least. I confess that my heart was sad yesterday. But still, there's plenty to be thankful for: access to medical help, lots of snuggles, naps for Mama, time together as a family, lazy days with time for talking and reading. It's not what we were hoping for but it's a relatively minor bump in the road. Part of my consolation has been looking at loveliness on the blogosphere and imagining another time when we'll all be well and able to travel and enjoy some fun. Looking at mountain retreats was a little too sad so I turned my attention to a new-to-me blog, La Maison d' Anna G. And there was this beautiful home in Denmark...

Team Living dk / photo Per Wadskjaer / stylist Helen Wiggers

So, not a vacation in a cabin in the mountains but a nice little distraction as I nurse my little ones back to health. Hoping your weekend is full of good health and good time with loved ones.

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